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एन.आर.आई.डी.ए. (वेतन एवं भत्तों का नियतन) उपनियम, 2020


*(Approved by NRIDA General Body on 16th February, 2021)

Title & Commencement

These byelaws shall be referred to as the ‘NRIDA (Regulation of Pay & Allowances) Byelaws, 2020.

Scope of the Byelaws

These Byelaws shall apply to the personnel appointed on deputation (hereinafter referred to as ‘the employees’) in the National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “Agency”).

The pay and allowances of employees of the NRIDA will be regulated in the manner indicated below.


Employees will be classified as Level –I, Level - II, Level – III and support staff on the basis of their pay and equivalent status.


The current pay structure for the officers appointed on deputation in NRIDA based on Seventh Pay Commission recommendations is as under:

Level Designation Pay Level
I Director 14
II Jt. Director 13A
Dy. Director 12
III Asstt. Director 11

Pay would be fixed in accordance with the extant instructions of the Government of India on the basis of the option exercised by the officer.

Dearness Allowance

The officer shall be entitled to the Dearness Allowance at the rates prevailing for the employees of the Government of India from time to time or those in his/her parent organisation depending upon whether he/she has opted to draw pay as per the pay structure of NRIDA or the scale of pay of the lending organisation plus deputation (duty) allowance.

Deputation (Duty) Allowance

Officers coming on deputation can opt for the scale of pay existing in the parent organization and Deputation (Duty ) Allowance which will be regulated as per DOP&T OM Dated 24.11.2007 for all new pay fixations done after 25th GB meeting or opt for the scale of pay of the relevant post at NRIDA in which case no Deputation Duty Allowance will be admissible.

Lumpsum incentive for higher qualifications

In order to make the deputation terms more attractive, Director/ Joint Director (Technical & Projects) level officers in NRIDA are entitled to onetime lumpsum incentive at the rates laid down by the Government of India from time to time in this regard for possessing higher qualifications as mentioned in the following table:

Post Higher professional qualification Rate of admissible lump-sum incentive
Director/Joint Director (Technical/Projects) Ph.D Degree in Civil Engineering Rs. 30,000*
Post-Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering/Construction Management/Project Management Rs. 25,000* (for courses of duration of more than one year) Rs. 20,000 (for courses of duration of one year or less)

* The present rates are based on the Department of Personnel and Training OM No. 1/5/2017-Estt (Pay-I) dated 15th March 2019 (Refer Annexure 1).

Employees already in receipt of the earlier benefit of additional increments for possessing higher professional qualifications before the notification of the present HR Policy would continue to avail the same. The incentive thus drawn shall be not be treated as part of the basic pay and thus no other allowance would be payable on the same.

Honorarium / Fee

Payment of an honorarium or a fee to an employee subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- per annum may also be sanctioned by the Director General for exceptional or unforeseen work.

House Rent Allowance

House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be payable to an employee at the rates applicable to the city of Delhi as notified by the Government of India from time to time. At present:

HRA at the rate of 24% of the basic pay will be payable to all eligible officers of Level I to Level III.

Employees residing in self-owned flats/houses will also be entitled to 24% of basic pay as HRA.

As per Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure OM No. 2/5/2017-E.II(B) dated 7th July 2017 (Refer Annexure 2), the rates of HRA will be revised to 27% when dearness allowance (DA) crosses 25% and further revised to 30% when DA crosses 50%.

Transport Allowance

Transport allowance for travel from residence to place of duty and back will be paid to the employees as per the norms of Government of India at rates notified from time to time for each pay level in respect of the city of Delhi. Level-I officers will be entitled to the use of official car facility and would be given the option to avail the official car facility or to draw transport allowance plus dearness allowance thereon at prevailing rates.

Children Education Allowance

Children Education Allowance or hostel subsidy will be allowed to the eligible employees at the rates and conditions as provided under GoI rules from time to time.

Entertainment Allowance

The officers on deputation in NRIDA are eligible for Entertainment Allowance to cover hospitality expenses to entertain guests in connection with official work at rates fixed with the approval of the General Body from time to time. The present rates of Entertainment Allowance are as under:

Sl. No Post Entertainment Allowance (Rs.)
1. Level I 1500
2. Level II 1200
3. Level III 1000

Reimbursement of cost of Newspapers/ Periodicals

Cost of newspapers and periodicals purchased by officers of NRIDA will be reimbursed to them at the rates and conditions specified from time to times by the Government of India. The present rates have been indicated below :

Sl. No Post Reimbursement ceiling (Rs.)
1. Director 850
2. Joint Director 500
3. Deputy Director 500
3. Assistant Director 500

Leave Travel Concession

In the matter of Leave Travel Concession, employees of NRIDA will be governed by the Rules applicable to the employees of the Government of India. Encashment of leave upon availing LTC would also be available to the employees as per the extant GoI rules.

General Provident Fund

The Provident Fund of the officers on deputation will continue to be governed by the Rules applicable in their parent cadres / organisations.

Advances/ Loans

No advances or loans will be extended to employees by the Agency.


No Gratuity will be admissible to the employees from NRIDA. This will not, however, impinge upon any such benefits available to them in their parent organizations at the time of their retirement.

Retirement Benefits

All employees coming on deputation to the Agency are assumed to have sufficient service left before their retirement on superannuation. The question of granting or providing for grant of any retirement benefits does not, therefore, arise.

In the case of death of any deputationist during his tenure with the Agency, the survivors will claim all retirement-cum-death benefits due from his parent organization where he had a lien. The cost of travel of the surviving family members of the deceased employee to their place of settlement would, however, be borne by the Agency.

Deduction of Income Tax at Source

Income tax at the prevailing rates shall be deducted as per Rules from all payments made on account of salary and other allowances..

All such deductions will be deposited with the ITO concerned as per the prescribed procedure. A return in the form prescribed for deposits so made will also be filed with the concerned income tax authorities.

A certificate of the tax deducted at source, indicating the total payments made, deductions allowed and the amount of tax deducted will also be issued, in the Form prescribed to the payee.

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