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एन.आर.आई.डी.ए. (अवकाश) उपनियमों, 2020


*(Approved by NRIDA General Body on 16th February, 2021)

Title & Commencement

These Byelaws shall be referred to as ‘NRIDA (Leave) Byelaws, 2020.


These Byelaws shall apply to officers working in the National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency on deputation (hereinafter referred to respectively as ‘the employees’ and ‘the Agency’). They shall also apply to officers on deputation from vacation Departments for such period as they are in the National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency.

General Conditions for Grant of Leave

Leave shall not be claimed or granted as a matter of right. The Agency has the right to recall to duty a person on leave due to exigencies of work.

Leave may be refused, curtailed or revoked in the public interest

Kind of leave due and applied for can be altered only if a written request is made by the employee for such alteration.

Since officials are taken on deputation for limited periods in connection with the work of NRIDA, leave other than maternity leave cannot be granted for more than 45 days in a year.

Formal sanction of leave must always be obtained in advance unless prevented by exigencies completely unanticipated

Casual Leave

An employee of NRIDA shall be entitled to 8 days of casual leave in a particular calendar year and 2 restricted holidays out of the list of such holidays as notified by the Central Government each year.

Not more than 5 days of casual leave can be availed of at a time.

Casual leave can also be taken for half-a-day.

Casual leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave.

Casual leave can also be availed while on tour; but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period of leave so availed.

Leave Travel Concession can be availed during casual leave.

Officials joining during the middle of a year may avail casual leave on pro rata basis or for the full period at the discretion of the Head of the Office.

Earned Leave

The leave account of every employee shall be credited with earned leave, in advance, in two instalments of 15 days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year. The leave so earned will be added to the leave account of the employee at the end of each half year on 30th June and 31st December. Entitlement to the Earned Leave would be on the basis of 2-1/2 days per month of completed service, the employee is likely to render in the half year of the calendar year in which he/she joins NRIDA.

When an employee avails of extraordinary leave and/or some period of absence has been treated as dies non in a half-year, the credit to be afforded to his/her leave account at the commencement of the next half-year shall be reduced by 1/10th of the period of such leave and/or dies non subject to a maximum of 15 days. While affording credit of earned leave, fractions of a day shall be rounded off to the nearest day

Earned Leave alongwith the unavailed joining time allowed to be so credited can be accumulated only to a maximum of 300 days.

The leave at the credit of an employee at the close of the previous half year shall be carried forward to the next half year, subject to the condition that the leave so carried forward plus the credit for the next half year do not exceed the upper limit of 300 days.

The above provision is however subject to the condition that where the earned leave at the credit of the employee is 300 or less as on the last day of December or June but more than 285 days, the advance credit of 15 days earned leave on the first day of January or July to be afforded shall instead of being credited in the leave account shall be kept separately and first adjusted against the earned leave that the employee takes during the half year and the balance, if any, shall be credited to the leave account at the close of the half year, subject to the condition that balance of such earned leave plus leave already at credit do not exceed the maximum limit of 300 days.

Ordinarily the maximum Earned Leave that may be granted in one spell to any employee in NRIDA shall be 45 days. However, DG, NRIDA can under extraordinary circumstances, can approve leave beyond this limit

g) The credit for the half-year in which an employee is due to retire or revert to his parent cadre shall be afforded only at the rate of 2-1/2 days per completed calendar month up to the date of retirement or repatriation. While affording credit of leave, fraction of a day shall be rounded off to the nearest day.

Half-pay Leave

The half-pay leave account of every employee of NRIDA shall be credited with half pay leave in advance, in two instalments of ten days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year.

Half pay leave may be granted on medical certificate or for attending to urgent private affairs.

The credit for the half year in which an employee joins on deputation will be at the rate of 5/3 days for each completed calendar month of service which he/she is likely to render in that half year. Similarly, credit shall be afforded at the rate of 5/3 days per completed month upto the date of retirement/death or repatriation.

Commuted Leave

Commuted leave will be granted only on medical grounds.

Commuted leave may be granted at the request of the employee even when Earned Leave is available and due to him. Except casual leave any other kind of leave may be granted in combination with or in continuation of any other kind of leave.

An employee shall produce a medical/fitness certificate issued by his Authorised Medical Attendant in the prescribed form with his/her application. The medical certificates should define clearly, as far as possible, the nature and probable duration of illness.

Half the amount of half pay leave due may be granted as commuted leave on medical certificate to an employee if the authority competent to grant leave is satisfied that there is reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty on its expiry.

Twice the amount of commuted leave granted shall be debited against the half pay leave at credit of the employee.

Commuted leave up to a maximum of 60 days may be allowed without production of medical certificate in continuation of maternity leave or Child Adoption leave.

The commutation of one kind of leave into another shall be subject to adjustment of leave salary on the basis of leave finally granted to the employee, that is to say, any amount paid to him/her in excess shall be recovered or any arrears due to him/her shall be paid.

Extraordinary Leave

Extraordinary leave may be granted to an employee:-

  • When no other leave is admissible; or
  • The employee applies in writing for extraordinary leave even when another kind of leave is admissible.

The duration of extraordinary leave so granted shall not normally exceed one month.

9. Maternity/Child Adoption Leave

Maternity/Child Adoption Leave may be granted to regular female employee of the Agency as provided under extant GoI rules

Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave may be granted to regular male employee of the Agency as provided under extant GoI rules

Encashment of Earned Leave

An employee may draw cash equivalent of the leave salary for upto 50% of Earned Leave earned during his service rendered in NRIDA. Such encashment of Earned Leave will be admissible only when the employee

  • leaves NRIDA on repatriation to his/her parent cadre; or
  • seeks voluntary retirement or superannuates from service while serving with the NRIDA

Encashment of the leave earned during service in NRIDA may, however, be allowed by NRIDA, suo moto, in the following situations:

  • To the family of the employee who dies while in service;
  • On invalidation of the employee on medical grounds.

Cash equivalent of leave salary shall consist of pay plus appropriate DA thereon. No HRA or CCA shall be payable.

Special pay shall count for purpose of encashment, but DA on Special Pay shall not be paid.

Any employee who has to leave service of NRIDA on disciplinary grounds will not be entitled to encashment benefits.

Application for Leave

An application for grant or extension of leave shall be made electronically to the authority competent to grant leave on the Leave Management Module of the e-Office system.

Leave Account

A Leave Account shall be maintained by the F&A division of NRIDA

Verification of Title to Leave

Before granting leave to an employee the authority maintaining his/her leave account shall confirm the availability of, and his/her entitlement to, the leave of the kind applied for.

Absence After Expiry of Leave

An employee who remains absent even after the end of the leave sanctioned is not entitled to draw any leave salary for the period of such absence. The period of unauthorized absence shall also be debited against his leave account as though it were half pay leave, to the extent such leave is due, and any period in excess of such leave due shall be treated as extraordinary leave.

Unauthorized Absence from Duty or Overstayal of Leave

The NRIDA may revert at its discretion a person who remains unauthorisedly absent and may refer the matter to the Disciplinary Authority to institute such disciplinary proceedings as may be appropriate.

Leave Salary

During the Earned Leave Pay drawn immediately before proceeding on Earned Leave. Transport Allowance will not be payable to an employee who takes Earned Leave for 30 days or more.
During the Half Pay Leave Half of the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on Half Pay Leave plus appropriate DA thereon. HRA and CCA will be paid at full rates
During Commuted Leave Same as admissible during Earned Leave.
During extra-ordinary leave No leave salary for the duration of Extra- ordinary Leave.
During Maternity Leave Pay drawn immediately before proceeding on maternity leave.
During Paternity Leave Pay drawn immediately before proceeding on paternity leave.


An employee rejoining duty after availing/curtailing of her/his leave (other than casual leave) shall submit a joining report on the Leave management module of the e-Office System.

NRRDA shall have the right to recall to duty any person from leave if necessitated by the exigencies of work.

All situations and exigencies not covered under the Byelaws above shall be resolved with reference to corresponding provisions of CCS (Leave) Rules,1972.

None of the provisions contained in these Byelaws shall apply to consultants or other personnel working in NRIDA under any contract with a Service Provider

Interpretation and Power to Remove Difficulties

The interpretation of Director General NRIDA will be final in respect of any provisions of these orders. .

The power to remove any difficulties in the application of these orders shall vest in the Director General, NRIDA.

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