National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency



क्रमांक दिनांक सर्कुलर क्रमांक प्रभाग विषय
1 Q-17022/2/2006/P-III पी-III Revision of inspection formats used by National and State Quality Monitors - regarding
2 NRRDA-P014(11)/1/2018-JD(Tech) तकनीकी PMGSY– Mandate of Pre-DPR preparation meeting with all concerned Engineers of PIUs,DPR consultants, STA(s), and PTA, to be organized by the SRRDA – reg.
3 NRRDA-P014(11)/1/2018-JD(Tech) तकनीकी Left over bridges related to roads under PMGSY-III
4 NRRDA-A021(11)/10/2019-FA एफ एंड ए Entry of budget of Central and State share of PMGSY on PFMS
5 NRRDA-P017(23)/12/2021-Dir(P-I) पी-I Request for inclusion of fly ash bricks in Government contracts/ Tenders -regarding
6 NRRDA-C012(11)/1/2020-Dir(FA) एफ एंड ए Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
7 P-17025/3/2018-RC मंत्रालय Extension of time line for completion of works pending under PMGSY – I & II request regarding
8 NRRDA-P011(11)/2/2021 तकनीकी Common DPR observations in Bridge DPRs under PMGSY/ RCPLWE
9 A021(11)/11/2020-Dir(FA) एफ एंड ए Signing of new PMGSY tripartite agreement between SRRDAs Bank & NRIDA
10 NRRDA-P011(11)/2/2021 तकनीकी Common deficiencies in DPRs under PMGSY-III proposals to be discussed in Pre-DPR preparation meeting with the SRRDA /PIUs /Consultants
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