National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency

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क्रमांक दिनांक सर्कुलर क्रमांक विषय Division
1 P 17018/2/2019 RC CORRIGENDUM Revised Indicative Allocation of Funds under PMGSY for the year 2019 20 मंत्रालय
2 P 17018/2/2019 RC Indicative Allocation of Funds and Physical Targets in terms of road length and habitations under PMGSY for the year 2019 20 मंत्रालय
3 F 20011/02/2011/P I Proceeding of the Regional Review Meeting for the States of Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal held at Bhubneswar, Odisha on 30th January, 2019 पी-I
4 F.No.G 25020/30/2015 F&A Non Financial closure of physically completed works on OMMAS एफ एंड ए
5 F. No. NRRDA A013 15(2)/2018 F&A 361164 Reimbursement of Service Tax/GST on honorarium paid to PTAs/STAs for the services rendered for PMGSY works एफ एंड ए
6 D.O.NRRDA T015(17)/1/2018 WB Procurement Integration of OMMAS and GePNIC Going Live reg. WB
7 P 17025/26/2015 RC Revision of Physical targets (Road length & Habitation) under PMGSY for the year 2018 19 मंत्रालय
8 P 17026/13/2015 RC Minutes of the Regional Review Meeting (RRM) held on 30.11.2018 at New Delhi, –reg. मंत्रालय
9 D.O. No. NRRDA P009 (15)/5/18 JD (Tech) Completion of DRRP and submission of DPRs for Roads and Bridges under PMGSY II तकनीकी
10 D.O.No.NRRDA P009(15)/5/18 JD(Tech) Submission of Dropping Road Works Sanctioned under PMGSY in piecemeal manner तकनीकी
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