National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency

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अवकाश संस्वीकृति/विस्तार हेतु आवेदन पत्र


Name of Applicant ;
Post Held ;
Department/Office/Section ;
Pay Drawn  
House Rent and other Compensatory allowances drawn in the present post ;
Nature of leave applied for ;
Period of Leave required ;
Date from which required ;
Saturdays, Sundays & holidays, if any, proposed to be prefixed/suffixed to leave ;
Grounds on which leave is applied for ;
Date of return from last leave and the nature and period of that leave ;
Address: Local ;
Permanent ;
During the leave period ;

I propose/do not propose to avail of LTC for the block years_____________during the ensuing leave.

(Signature of the applicant with date)

Remarks/Recommendations of the

Controlling Officer____________________________
(Signature & designation with date)

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