Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana - Project Management Consultant
Section 5




1.†††††† Introduction:

1.1 †††††††† The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) has set a programme objective of achieving all weather access to every habitation with population of greater than 500 (250 in each case of hill States and the desert areas) by the end of Tenth Five Year Plan, i.e., 2007. PMGSY is a hundred percent centrally funded and centrally sponsored scheme with dedicated sources of funding.

1.2†††† The National Rural Roads Development Agency (NRRDA) has been set up under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and is the agency responsible for overall management, supervision and execution of PMGSY on behalf of MoRD. The program is implemented through the State Government. Similar structures exist at State level, in the form of a State Rural Roads Development Agency (SRRDA), as the State Nodal Agency. The Programme Implementation Units (PIU) at the District level actually execute the program.††

1.3††††††††† The PMGSY lays high emphasis on quality as well as time bound execution. In order to augment the project management capability at the State level, in respect of a States not able to provide the requisite inhouse management expertise to achieve these objectives, it is proposed to engage a Project Management Consultant.

2.††††† The Consultant:

2.1 †††††††† The services of the PMC may be provided by a consulting firm (Consultant) with adequate experience in the field. The consultant will provide the staffing as indicated in Clause 5 of ToR, though in preparing their proposals the consultants may propose alternative arrangements that, in their opinion, will provide service of an equivalent quality. The final staffing would be adjusted to suit the actual work and implementation schedule.

2.2†††† The Consultant will be engaged by the SRRDA by inviting Expression of Intent (EoI) on the prescribed format, short listing firms and inviting Financial Offers on approved TOR (concurred by NRRDA). The CVs of key personnel shall be included in the EoI along with documentary proof of qualification and experience, their written consent and availability.The Consultant will be required to give the CVs of all the Team members at the time of Financial Offer.

2.3††† Procedure for Engaging Consultant:

††††††††††††† The State Nodal Agency shall engage the PIC by.

(i)†††††††† Inviting Expressions of Interest on format.

(ii)††††††† Shortlisting†† firmswith†† NRRDAconcurrence ,inviting Technical and Financial

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Offers(with†† break upforeachof†† the†† Activities) and Technical Evaluation

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† by a Committee including a NRRDA representative.

(iii)††† ††† Final Selection by Quality cum Cost Based System (QCBS) with a weightage of 60%††††

††††††††††††††† to technical score and 40% to financial score.

3.††††††† Implementation Arrangements:

3.1††† The Project Management Consultant (PMC) would be attached to the Chief Engineerís office (or the SRRDA) and would advise and assist in capacity and quality enhancement of the executing agency at the preparation of DPR stage as well as at the execution stage. The PMC is also to provide 2nd tier quality monitoring of the works*.

††††††††† *In case PMC is to do 2nd tier Quality Monitoring.

3.2 †††††††† Under the overall guidance of the Chief Engineer of the SRRDA, the Consultant will provide management advice to PIUs on methodologies and procedures for sub project selection, preparing the DPRs, works procurement, supervision of contract management and quality monitoring of works for the project roads. The Consultant shall, if engaged for the purpose, also provide independent 2nd tier Quality Monitoring.†††

3.3†††† The Consultant will establish a Main Office in the State, with additional†† Site Offices for a group of districts as indicated in Annexure-II. The Main Office, headed by a team leader will be responsible for advising the SRRDA in laying down and enforcing, (with due attention to quality), procedures at PIU level for Subproject selection, DPR preparation, works procurement and contract management procedures of civil works, 1st tier quality control, monitoring project performance and coordination etc. The staffing of each site office for supervision and the duration there of is to be approved by the SRRDA before commencement of works.

The Main Office and Site Offices will also directly liaise with PIUs in enforcing the agreed procedures. However liaison with Project Implementation Consultants (PICs), if any, will be only through the PIUs.

3.4††††††††† The Consultant will be engaged in the following Activities.

         Proposal Planning Activities (including Subproject selection).

         Implementation, Works Procurement and, Contract Management, Monitoring Activities.

         State level Quality Monitoring. *

         Training & Capacity Building Activities.

†† ††* In case PMC is to do 2nd tier Quality Monitoring.

4.††††††† Scope of Work:

†† The scope of works includes the following (the term PIU includes PIC where PICs have been engaged)

(a)      Overseeing the preparation of annual proposals as per PMGSY guidelines.

(b)      Guiding the PIUs in preparation of DPRs.

(c)       Developing specifications for use of local materials.

         Activity : 2 †† Implementation, Works Procurement and, Contract Management Monitoring††††††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Activities:

(a)      ††Laying down for PIUs and supervising, on behalf of the SRRDA/ Chief Engineer works procurement procedures, contract management procedures and quality control procedures of the 1st tier.

(b)      Advising on procedures and methodologies regarding Contractorís work program, method statements, material sources, etc.

(c)       Scrutinizing, on random basis, the Contractorís detailed work programme, suggesting modification, if any, in the works programme after a careful study and ensuring timely completion. Scrutinizing on random basis and/or reviewing contractorís superintendence, personnel and suggesting modifications, if any.

(d)      Scrutinizing, on random basis, the Construction Methods proposed by the Contractor for carrying out the works to ensure that these are satisfactory with particular reference to the technical requirements, and deployment of plant and machinery, project implementation schedule and environments aspects as well as safety of works, personnel and the general public.

(e)       Reviewing the test results/certificates of all construction material and /or sources of material and undertake additional tests as necessary to assess the quality of works (1st tier).

(f)        Advising PIUs on regular inspection of the Contractorís equipment, plant, machinery, installation, etc to ensure that they are adequate and are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

(g)      Evolving and implementing a system for the quality assurance of the works. The system of †††††††† control of quality of material and completed works shall also include sampling method and ††††††††† criterion, and acceptance criteria.

(h)      The sampling methodandtheacceptancecriteriashallbebased on statistical methods and the††† recommendations of the relevant IRCand MoRTH publications.Consultantshallensurethat at†††† least 10% tests are conducted by his staff or in their presence.

(i)        Developing Model Maintenance Management Plan for the Core Network.

(j)        Project Performance Monitoring and Project Completion Report:

       Activity : 3††††††††††† State level Quality Monitoring:

(a)Providing second tier independent quality monitoring as laid down by NRRDA/ SRRDA.

(b)Providing 2nd Tier Quality Control Structure, periodic inspection of Quality Control Units.

(c)†† To co-ordinate and supervise 1st Tier Quality Control arrangements.

(d) To co-ordinate and ensure compliance of action on the reports of 2nd Tier Quality Monitoring.

(e)To facilitate and co-ordinate activities of 3rd Tier Quality Monitoring arrangement and to ensure compilation of the actions by the PIUs on the reports of National Quality Monitors.

(f)†† To prepare monthly abstracts of visits and annual quality report based on the reports of SQMs and NQMs and action taken thereon.

       Activity : 4 Training & Capacity Building Activities:

The Consultant shall provide (i) formal and (ii) on the job training to both PIU and Contractorís staff.Formal training shall take the form of (i) briefings held on site at the beginning of each contract to ensure all staff working on each contract understand respective roles and responsibilities and (ii) one day workshops approximately 1, 6 and 9 months into the each contract (for the execution of works) or as instructed by the Agency that seeks to address common weaknesses noted over the intervening period. During their regular reviews, the Consultant is expected to provide on the job training on aspects such as in the use of checklists, performing various construction operations, setting-out of the works, quality control procedures, safety and environmental management, good contract management practices and other aspects as the circumstance dictate.

It is expected that available staff of the Consultant would be in a position to provide required level of training.However, training on some of the specialized item(s), activities could be either provided by experts from the Head Quarter of the Consultant or could be outsourced.In such cases the Consultant is required to obtain approval of the Agency in regard to the CV, remuneration and other costs associated with it.

Thus, the scope under this activity comprises:

(a)Prepare summarize training need assessment of Engineers of the Executive Agency(ies) and the training plan.

(b)††† Based on the approved training plan providing periodic on the job training for the engineers of the implementation agencies as far as procedural aspects are concerned.

(Some course material for the training is already under preparation with NRRDA. As such no new course material is required to be developed by the Consultant).

5.†††††† Staffing and Other Inputs:

††††††††††††† The Consulting firm will be expected to provide the following personnel for the indicated†††††††† duration. The durations given are indicative and subject to variation by agreement between the Consultant and the SRRDA. Consulting inputs will be about[_____]person months of field based experts. The Consultants team composition and inputs are shown below.

Consultants Team Composition and Staffing Schedules



Main office Based Experts


Minimum Qualification



Deployment Man Month

Senior Engineer (Team leader)

Graduate in Civil Engineering with 20Years professional experience in Project Management of Roadworks including in planning and construction, contract management, quality management and also should be able to impart training etc. Age limit: - 65 years













Highway Engineer

Graduate in Civil Engineering with 10 yearís professional experience in Project Management of†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Design & Execution of Roadworks and also should be able to impart training

Age limit: -50 year††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††




Materials Engineer

Diploma in Civil Engineering with 5 yearís experience in testing of road materials and developing quality management systems.

Age limit: - 50 year






Training Personnel

For training activity reference be made to Para 4, Activity 4 of TOR Section-5.



Office Assistant





Other support Staff.




The Consultant will be responsible for deployment/withdrawal of staff/additional staff for efficient and complete supervision of works. However, the total staff inputs should not exceed the man-month included in the Contract. However, the CVís of key personnel shall be included in the EoI along with documentary proof of qualification and experience, their written consent and availability. The CVs of all team members will be provided at the time of submission of Financial Offer.

6.†††††† Facilities:

††††††††††††††† The Consultant will have to make his own arrangements for office, utilities, accommodation and transport and should include cost of all these elements in his Financial Offer.

7.†††††† Reports:

††††††††††††††† The Consultants will submit the following periodic reports at the time and in the number of copies (also in electronic copies) indicated for each, in addition to reports, which will be submitted on the specific tests under the scope of work.Some of the reports would be in questionnaire form so that all required aspects are covered.

(a)†† Inception Report: To be submitted with in three (3) weeks of the commencement of services. The report will be based on work and staffing schedules agreed during contract negotiations, will include the Consultants detailed work program. (6* copies to the PIU, 3* Copies to client) *indicative

(b)†††††††††† Summaries training need assessment of Engineers of the Executing Agencies.The report would be based on interaction with the Engineers of the PIU.

(c)††† Progress Report: Monthly reports to be submitted by the tenth day of the following month.

†††††††††††† The reports will summarize the activity wise work performed during the reported period identifying the problems encountered, and indicating the corrective action taken or recommended.The report will also summarize record of meetings with the State Nodal Agency & the PIUs.

(d)†††† Six Monthly Report on the activities carried out shall be submitted to NRRDA through the State RRDA, along with its comments. In case the Consultant finds that his suggestions for improving the quality, reducing the time overrun etc. are being over ruled by the PIUs such instances should also be included in this report.

(e)†††† Project Completion Report: To be submitted upon completion of the services.This should include the Annual Report of the activities carried out along with comments of the State Nodal Agency.Copy of this report shall be submitted to NRRDA as well.

8.†††††† Additional Services:

†††††††††††††† The Consultants shall, if so required by the SRRDA, provide any additional services at man month rates as per the contract, or as mutually agreed upon as a variation order.

9.†††††† Performance Security:

††††††††††††††† Consultant shall be required to submit acceptable Bank Guarantee for an amount equal to 5% of the accepted consultancy cost towards Performance Security. The validity of the Bank Grantee(s) shall cover entire duration of consultancy period plus 6 months. The format of the Bank Guarantee(s) shall be got approved by the Consultant from the SRRDA (or as given in Appendix II). The Bank Guarantee(s) shall be released after satisfactory completion of the assignment and submission of completion report. If performance of the Consultant is not found satisfactory this security will be liable to be forfeited. In addition the Consultant shall be liable for action under other clauses of the contract.

10.†††† Penalties:

10.1††† (i)††††††††††††††† The SRRDA may conduct independent quality monitoring and checking of works carried out by the Consultant. If such checks disclose that works carried out by the Consultant do not meet the specified requirement, the employers will not pay the Consultant fees for the affected portion. In addition, the Consultant will incur a penalty equal to 100% of such fee and without entitlement to payment of further fees in this respect.

10.2†† (ii)††††††††††††††† If the service of a team member provided by the Consultant is not acceptable to the SRRDA, the Consultant shall immediately replace the team member. If the Consultant fails to quickly deploy/replace a team member as instructed by the Employer, the Employer may make temporary arrangement. The temporary deployment/replacement shall be paid by the SRRDA with commensurate reduction in the person month scope of the PMC Contract. The Consultant shall incur a penalty equal to 50% of the cost to the employer of the temporary deployment/ replacement until such time that the Consultant provides an acceptable replacement/ team member.

††††††††† This will however be a temporary arrangement and if the Consultant fails to deploy the requisite personnel or replace any member as instructed, the Consultant shall be liable for action for termination of Contract and or black listing.

11.†††† Payment Schedule:

Payment shall be made on monthly basis of time actually spent by the site office experts in performance of the services plus the prorata over head charges comprising the components of head offices and site office expenses.