National Rural Roads Development Agency



Annexure No Descriptoion
3.1 Code for Habitation
3.2 Habitation Data : Format-I and Instructions for Filling Format-I
3.3 Inventory of Rural Roads : Format-II and Instructions for filling Format-II
3.4 Record of Primary & Secondary Roads (Format for District-Level Master Plan)
3.5 Proformae for Core Network
3.6 Rural Road Condition Survey : Inspection Forms I and II
4.1 Forms for Proposals Received from MPs
4.2 Memorandum of Understanding
4.3 Affidavit for Land Donation
4.4 Brief for Empowered Committee
4.5 Check list for date for EC
5.1 Supplementary Guidance on Soil Survey and Materials
5.2 Nomograph for computing soaked CBR values from Sieve Analysis Data
5.3 (a) Proforma for Traffic Survey
5.3 (b) &Summary of 3-day Counts.
5.4 Guidelines on Use of Local Materials
5.5 Guidelines for Drainage of Rural Roads
5.6 Nomograph for Equilibrium Subgrade Moisture Content
7.1 Forms F-1 to F-9 Accompanying DPRs
7.2 Districtwise Summary of Proposals Proforma A
Package Summary Proforma B
Check list for PIU & STAs Proforma C
7.3 Report of the STA on the Project Proposals
8.1 Instructions and check list for preparing the Bidding Documents
8.2 Input Format-I for Publishing Tender Notice
8.3 Package wise Input Format-II
8.4 ITB and Contract Data Input Format III
8.5 List of certificates required in submission of bid
9.1 Provisions regarding Disputes in some of the World Bank Funded PMGSY Projects
11.1 Forms for monthly return of the tests conducted
11.2 Monthly return of the tests not meeting the standards
11.3 Format for abstract of report of State Quality Monitors
11.4 Guidelines to State Quality Monitors
11.5 Form for dealing with complaints
11.6 Monthly Statements showing the visits of NQMs
11.7 Format for Grading of Work
11.8 Action taken statement on the pending report of NQMs
12.1 Progress of PMGSY works Format PW
12.2 Analysis of per kilometre cost of PMGSY works-Format CP
12.3 Projected completion plan of PMGSY works- Format WP
12.4 List of Completed PMGSY works- Format CW
12.5 Monthly return for delay in Award of Contract for PMGSY works
12.6 Packages not awarded for more than 90 days
12.7 Monthly return of delay in execution of PMGSY packages
12.8 Quarterly return for Forest clearances
12.9 Quarterly abstract of award of contracts under PMGSY
12.10 Physical and Financial progress under PMGSY
12.11 Quarterly abstract for delay in execution of PMGSY works
12.12 Quarterly abstract for delay beyond 90 days in completion of packages
12.13 Statement showing details of disposal of final payment cases of road works
12.14 Institutional capacity issues under PMGSY
12.15 Monthly report on Unspent Balances of PMGSY funds
14.1 Periodicity of Routine Maintenance Activities
14.2 Special problems of road maintenance in heavy rainfall/snowfall areas
14.3 Maintenance of shoulders, drainage structures and causeways
14.4 Norms for Routine Maintenance Activities during the Contract period of 5 years
14.5 Guidelines for Inspection of Rural Roads as part of maintenance activity
14.6 Routine Inspection Card (Recording format)
14.7 Methodology for Determining the Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
14.8 Proforma of Output of PCI Data for Each Road on OMMS


Operations Manual for Rural Roads