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ref: annexure 3.2

instructions for filling format-i

The form has three parts as explained below: -

A.      Reference data: It contains the name and code number for State, District and Blocks. The two-letter code for various States/ Union Territories, are given in Appendix-I. The State administration will first list all the Districts (preferably alphabetically) and number them serially for use as the District code. The District administration will list all the Blocks (preferably alphabetically) and number them serially for use as the Block code.

B.      Demographic and Infrastructure data: This data can be provided for each Habitation, as defined earlier. One revenue village may have one or more Habitations. Therefore, for all such Habitations, suitable codes should be provided. For code number, all Habitations within a Block may be alphabetically arranged and then serially numbered, while Habitation within a village should be alphabetically arranged and then serially numbered. The instructions to fill up each column are given below :

Col 1Write the name of revenue village and code number

Col 2Write the code number of Habitation (this is a serial number only from the list of all Habitations in the Block).

Col 3Write the name of Habitation

Col 4Give the current population of Habitation based on 2001 Census

Col 5Give the current SC/ST population based on 2001 Census

Col 6 Write the number of units of each facilities available in Habitation under
to 19relevant column. If not available write zero.

Col 20Write Yes, if the Habitation is connected with bus facility, otherwise write No

Col 21Write Yes, if the Habitation is connected with railway station, otherwise No

Col 22If the Habitation is electrified write Yes, otherwise, write No

Col 23Write Yes, if the Habitation is the Panchayat Headquarter, otherwise No.

Col 24Write (H) if the Habitation is in a Hilly area (C) for coastal area and (P) Plain

Col 25Give the name of MLA and MP constituency.

Col 26The Habitation may have one or more roads coming from different direction. One or more of them may be All-weather road. On the other hand none of these may be All-weather road. They may be fair-weather road e.g. earth road, track, bridle path, etc. Give the list (code number and type only) of all such roads. If the numbers of such roads are more than the rows specified in the format, then additional rows of the table should be used. These roads will be required to be inventorised in FORMAT-II with the same code numbers. Fill the code number of road from inventory FORMAT-II (after it is prepared).

Col 27The type of the road i.e. AWR for All-weather Road or FWR for Fair-weather Road

C.      Certificate: Give the certificate and sign it.





Operations Manual for Rural Roads